This book was conceived with the purpose of changing your life!

It is a book with many, many titles............

"The Biology of Wealth"
"The Biology of Abundance"
"The Biology of Power"
"The Biology of Health"
"The Biology of Relationships"

"There is a natural resonance between you and abundance which cannot be removed. All you can do is to choose how abundance expresses itself for you."
Karma Singh

and many, many more.


You see, it isn't specifically about any of those things but is a manual which teaches anyone how to achieve anything they desire with about 2 minutes daily practice.



This, as with many of my books, is an amalgam of the old and the new. The techniques themselves enabled one group of people to attain significant personal power until the emperor Constantine had the techniques made a state secret at the beginning of the fourth century. Today we know from Quantum Biophysics exactly how it is that the purposeful activation of specific organs and their related informational systems inevitably causes modification of the world around you.

This is why the book is called

"The Biology of .............................."

(.... everything that you want)


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