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Tuesday 13th April 2010

Greetings Karma,

I have read the full version BOP ebook and have several questions that should round things up pretty good:

When stating a prayer, you said to do it in the "present time" as if it has already happened. For example,  I have a cracked L-5 vertebrae and I would say,  "my L-5 vertebrae is now completely healed, strong, aligned and healthy in every way."

Question 1)  I can more easily accept a process using "flexible" statements like:"I am healing", "increasing my wealth", "becoming more skilled every day", "coming closer to meeting my soul mate", etc.  Could I  use a flexible statement and say, "My L-5 spine vertebrae is now healing...."?    Seems my mind can accept the word "healing" more than "healed" in the present moment.  Would that work, and then maybe later change it to a "now" statement when I can accept it better at least to get something going? Or only use the "now healed" statement?

Question 2)  Is it  too specific to say L-5 vertebrae and instead say, "My spine is now healed..." Where the L5 vertebrae is already included without mentioning it or just say both to cover all bases, or does it matter?


Alan M,
Texas, USA


Hi Alan,
Precision in everything is essential because you will get PRECISELY what you order.
"I am healing" or "I am increasing my wealth" etc. is the command which stipulates the experience of the process but not the result. With a command like this, the desired result remains in the future so that you can continue the experience of going there. Getting there would deny you the experience of going there so that is where you remain; on the journey to a destination which you never reach.
Initially there is certain to be internal resistance to thinking in a different way (mankind is, after all, primarily a creature of habit) but the more you practice, the less the resistance will be and, when you reach the point where you feel it to be taken for granted that your desired goal has been attained, it will then quickly materialise.

Why not both L5 AND your whole spine in two separate prayers?
If L5 is damaged there is certain to be displacement at least in the other vertebrae.

Blessed be




Monday, 1st February 2010

Hi Karma,
I have read your book and it is FANTASTIC!!!
I love your clear writing style, and it all makes total sense.
I have a question I hope you can help me with.
I would like to use this to help me get a new job.
I am currently a Car Salesman, but I dislike my job, and I would love something better, and also a job where I do not have to work Saturdays. (I never get the weekends off to be with my kids)
I am unsure of exactly what I want to do, but I guess the Universe will bring the right job to me.
The main things I want are a Monday to Friday job, at least 60K per year, company car and of course I want it to be an enjoyable job.
How should I ask for this?  Do you have any suggestions as how I can write this down, or how I should pray it?
I would love your feedback if you have time.
Thanks again for a great book, and I hope to hear from you soon.
Have a great day,
Michael H.
South Australia

 " I guess the Universe will bring the right job to me. "
No it won't!!!
If you don't know where you want to get to, how can anyone guide you there?

Begin with the following prayer:

"I now know exactly what I want to do as my paid job"
The vision is seeing your family every morning and every evening
all smiling as you leave to work and as you return, you walk with
a bounce in your step because you so enjoy your work, your spine and head
are erect becuase you know that your work in worthwhile, you are all
very well dressed because you have a very comfortable income.

The feelings are thankfulness, fulfillment, and joy and/or happiness.

When you have allowed yourself to know what you want to do, the next
step should be obvious. If it isn't then ask me again.

Blessed be



Monday, 1st February 2010


I was wondering if there was a money back guarantee on "The Biology of ..." program?
If so, what is it?
Thank you for your assistance.
Sincerely. James T.

Hi James,
not an easy question to answer.
There is, of course, a statutory 14 day right of return. This, however, has nothing to do with any sort of product guarantee.The "product" is not the ink on the paper or the electronic image in a .pdf but the knowledge which they transfer.

How valuable this knowledge is to you depends not upon the ink or the image but upon your dilligence in applying the knowledge and, thus, changing your life in all ways which please you.
I do not offer a "product" but the usage instructions for one which you already have - your human body and mind!

As my friend, Don in Sth Carolina days, "If all else fails, read the instructions."

This, of course, I cannot guarantee because it is 100% your choice - I cannot influence it in any way, shape or form.
Blessed be

Wednesday, 20th January 2010

Hello Karma,
I am thinking of purchasing your Biology of... Book, but I have a question.  I have read a lot of books over the years
that talk about thinking positive, imagining your goals, writing them down etc, but I was wondering how this book is different?

You say it was a lost secret from the past, but don't all the books say this?
Thanks in advance for your time.
Mike, Australia

Hi Mike,

I know what you mean: I've read a lot of such books as well.
Positive thinking is, of course, just useless "papering over the cracks" because whenever your thoughts and your feelings are not in accord, your feelings are going to "win" every time.
Many of the types of book that you mention have a part of the knowledge but, because it is only a part, the results are erratic.

In "The Biology of ............" all five essential elements are brought together in one place for the very first time. This is why the programme is so very effective.

Blessed be