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The Book

This book is nothing other than the step by step guide to personal success in everything that you undertake.

This is a highly organised, scientific method by which you will focus the universal power within yourself and, thereby, manifest your will in the shortest possible time.

You will make no request of the Universe nor will you offer a deal nor yet express a pious hope nor anything similar.

You will give polite but irresistible commands! (In much the same way as you might say to a child, "Take your muddy shoes off before you come in here please.") A polite command which brooks neither discussion nor contradiction; the command will be fulfilled without question.

The Commander is always you, yourself. Your "employee" is the universe itself! It has no choice other than to faithfully carry out your every wish.

You need merely learn how to give a command which the universe can hear and understand.

Words alone are by no means sufficient for this purpose but even they must be precise and without contradiction.

A command which the universe will follow has three aspects which must all be brought together as one in your heart in order to be given as one unity to the universe. It is only your heart which has the energetic field strength, speed and clarity to speak directly with the power of the universe. Even modern science has determined in recent years that the human heart is a transmitter with a radius of many yards (metres).

This book contains the exact instructions and practices through which effective commands are to be conceived, constructed and given.

It takes the power away from the hierarchy and lays it back where it belongs

- in your hands!