How the book, "The Biology of ............" came to be

Over a period of almost two thousand years, that which had been a powerful set of tools through which anyone can easily and quickly bring improvements to all aspects of their lives has become nothing more than a label for something which can only be described as meaningless mumbu-jumbo.

The name most commonly used for these tools has completely lost its original meaning. It is highly probable that the original name is known to you. It is absolutely certain that you have never been taught the tools themselves nor how to use them. What you may have been taught is a disembowelled substitute which, for many centuries, has served the sole purpose of discouraging you from seeking the truth. You have almost certainly also tried this substitute and discovered that it doesn't work. No wonder; more than half of the usage instructions are missing!
My purpose is to re-introduce these tools into your life and the life of humanity as a whole. The name does not matter so much just so long as you know what it truly means: Calling a garden bench a Rolls Royce is not going to make it drive down the road! So when I tell you what the original name is, you will please bear in mind that the true, original meaning is very, very different to the meaning which you have been taught in school etc. The alternative to using the original name would be to create a completely new word and this takes much time before it finds acceptance and a consensus as to the meaning. My opinion is that correcting the beliefs about the meaning back to that of the original is simpler and quicker.

Towards the end of the Third Century, the Emperor Constantine (272 - 337 AD) came to the throne in Byzantium (later re-named Constantinople). His hold on power was anything but certain and he cast about for ways of securing his reign. A group of people had given his predecessor, Diocletian, a great deal of trouble because of their way of debating imperial edicts and then deciding themselves whether to obey them or not. No amount of suppression, torture and what have you could even stop the growth of this group let alone bring it under control. You see, they had some very powerful tools which they all used every day. These tools gave them great independence, personal power and a sufficiency of everything that they desired. They needed nothing from the Emperor and saw no reason to obey him.
The true source of these tools is lost to antiquity and, although this group which made powerful use of them called themselves "Christians" the tools of which I write have nothing whatsoever to do with this or any other religion. Just as the use of Arabic numerals (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) does not make anyone a Moslem so does the use of the tools which helped Christianity to spread so rapidly does not make anyone a Christian.
Constantine recognised that he would not be able to stop the spread of Christianity and so, instead, offered a deal to their leaders:
He would make Christianity the state religion and, in exchange, the "bishops" would preach that the Christians should obey the Emperor "whom God hat set to rule over them". A sweet deal which the "bishops" grabbed with both hands as they immediately saw that it was they who would declare "God's" will when it came to appointing Constantine's successor.
In order to facilitate this new pact, it was agreed that The Bible would be edited to remove anything which spoke against the new "status quo" and many books, including all of those written by women, were simply thrown out. Also removed were half of the instructions for the tools which gave such great personal independence! These tools then became a state secret which they have remained until, after 15 years research, the first edition of this book was published online in April 2009.
In the 20th Century many, perhaps all, of the books and other texts which had been removed from the original Bible were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library.
Now, as the time of the patriarchal society draws to a close, these tools are being given back to humanity. All that you need to completely change your life is to know and to use them.
Three minutes per day is usually completely adequate.
Driven by an unbending curiosity, I began, more than 15 years ago, to seek ways to find these "missing" tools and to make them available to everyone. In the Autumn of 2008, The American Explorer, Gregg Braden, gave me the last two missing pieces and I was able to begin writing this work book.
It is in this book that I pass the knowledge on to you - as simple to follow, step by step instructions in how to command the fulfilment of all your desires.