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Sometimes, belief and reality seem to live on two different planets.

Most of us have been brought up in the belief that in order for someone to become wealthy, many others must be poor, i.e. there is never enough to go around!

It does not take long, however, to discover that this belief is contradicted by truth. A few hours study at any reasonable library will reveal that there are more than enough resources upon this planet for all 6.3 billion of us to live the life style of a millionaire! This is a fact which you can easily research and prove for yourself.

On the one hand, the belief in lack appears to justify the need to dedicate enormous resources to "defending" the little which we have. So, about 12% of the World's entire wealth is wasted on killing machines. This is about $20,000.00 per year for each and every one of us!!! Would this make a difference to your life if it were in your pocket instead?

Then each of us works hard to support huge parasitic industries called "banking", "medicine" and the like. Now, if you thought that the military is expensive, you should take a look at these. In the Western World, parasitic industries account for 47% of all human economic activity! Stop feeding the parasitic "dinosaurs" and your wealth doubles overnight. Banking provides nothing more than bookkeeping services for which it charges up to 463% (yes, no typing error; four hundred and sixty three percent) "interest" for doing so. Pharmaceutical medicine is far and away the number one cause of death throughout the First World. It is also so far ahead in the stakes for number one cause of serious injury that the other competitors have no chance of catching up.

Stepping out from under by always having cash on hand, by always having ideal health, by always being in peace and harmony with your neighbours are desirable objectives aren't they? They are not even difficult to attain as many users of the book have already experienced.

The truth is that the more people who use the methods in the book, the more wealth, happiness and peace there will be on our planet.

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