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Although many thousands of people have already purchased the book giving the introductory techniques, some have not yet grasped how amazingly effective the techniques are and, therefore, still do not use them daily.

Then there are thousands of people who have heard of the techniques but not yet grasped just how dramatically it would improve their life experience.

And then there are about 6.3 billion people who have not yet heard of them ..................

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In a recent conversation with Prof Bruce Lipton in the early Summer of 2014 both new material has been added as well as much else, which I had gathered over the previous months made clear. Out of this, it has now become possible to offer the Empowerment seminars.

During the few hours of an Empowerment Seminar your access to new creative power will be awakened and much paralysing rubbish will be removed from your consciousness.

After the seminar it will be impossible for your life to be as before. Everything is aimed towards making you the master or mistress of your life - to empower you to, at last, become and to live your true self.

The basic course takes place during one day from 10.00 a.m. to about 5 p.m.

In England (and elsewhere in Europe) these will be offered in specific locations. For the rest of the english speaking world, webinar technolgies are currently being studied to identify how an online training could be offered.

Your help is also needed with organisation. For a one day training from 10.00 to about 5 p.m., a quiet, clean, comfortable room with seating is required. Minmum would be 40 participants. At this time I would be prepared to take up to 300 participants per training.

If you know of such rooms and can make a training public in your area then please contact me immediately.

It is possible to offer the first Trainings in October 2014, so now is the time to start.

An empowerment seminar costs £55.00 or €70.00 plus a share of the room costs (generally about £3.50, €5.00)

Locations, dates and times here below: 



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